Introducing Rachel Dove and Fifty Shades Darker

I am an author and book, TV, and film geek living in Yorkshire. When I am not hanging out with my family, I am writing romantic fiction, reading books or watching my latest boxset obsession. Passionate about special needs provision; I am an adult education teacher and currently studying for my MA in Creative Writing. My special Mastermind subject would be Grey’s Anatomy and I love to test the question: which is better, the film or the book? I am currently writing my fifth book and I have secret plans to one day get Gerard Butler to star as one of my characters.

I love films and drama series, I always have and I get to the cinema whenever I can. I love to study people, plots and the way people interact in each other’s lives. I am a sucker for a good romance, a comedy, and I think the best films are the Marmite ones: some love them, some hate them, but everyone talks about them. Being able to write for this magazine will be a brilliant outlet for me.


Fifty Shades Darker

Released: 2016

Available On:  DVD, Blu-ray

Director: James Foley

Reviewer: Rachel Dove


I recently watched the Extended DVD version of Fifty Shades Darker. I have read all three books and watched the first film, so I was excited to see how they tackled the second part of the series. I think this movie was twice as good as the first one, which did set the scene well but made for awkward viewing at times. I think that the second movie was more engaging for me, as Anastasia was bolder and more sure footed in the relationship.

The whole idea of her being a submissive has never appealed to me, but I did like the series more when I realised it was going to be about Christian Grey shaking the shackles (pun intended) of his past and letting Ana break down his barriers. She has only ever been his, and this satisfies his need for control, whilst in this second film she navigates maintaining her own independence. The two main characters, played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, had more on screen chemistry this time, seemingly more comfortable in their roles. This meant that the awkward cringy moments of the first film were thankfully gone, and instead it showed a couple very much in sync. The scene where Grey submits to Ana, palms up, sat on the floor was a powerful one, and it made the film for me. I am very much looking forward to watching the final instalment in 2018, and seeing how Grey Junior will mix things up. Hard to believe this multi million pound franchise started life as self- published Twilight fan fiction. Love it or hate it, it’s quite a story.


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