We Got Funding!!!


By Sarah Gonnet

I’m not usually one to use several exclamation marks; but I’m very excited today because The Female Gaze play just got funding to run an R+D week in July!! A big thank you to Chloe Stott our producer!!

The week will be focused on developing the script of the play, and will include public workshops on women and film, as well as a sharing of the work in progress at the end of the week. Watch this space for a confirmation of dates and to book.

The play will consist of a narrative written by me, and the following monologues:

Dorothy Arzner by Anna Novitzky

Louise Beavers ‘A Mammy of All Work” by Milethia Thomas

Sewing Circles: A Monologue About Jean Acker by Zoe Murtagh

A Brutal Ending (about Lorenza Mazzetti) by Ruby Lawrence

Jane Arden Monologue by Eleni Zezas

Vivien Leigh by Mhairi Ledgerwood

When Agnes Varda Came for Tea by Jayne Morley

Hattie McDaniel by Beverly Andrews

Margaret Tait by Carys Crossen

Jane ‘too black to be’ White by Ailish Fowler

Thelma Schoonmaker by Diane McInerney

Mapping the Terrain- After Maya Deren by Sarah Featherstone


Now I’m off to celebrate, and then get going doing more research and some writing!

We can officially use these logos (!):



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