The Female Gaze is a film magazine written by women, for everyone.

We review current film and TV as well as past releases. So please have a browse if you are looking for something new to watch.

I started The Female Gaze in June 2017 when a number of factors came to a head. As an avid reader of traditional film magazines from Sight and Sound to Little White Lies to Total Film, I had been growing increasingly frustrated by having to root around under the porn in the men’s section in order to pick them up. However the spark was yet another poll putting The Godfather as the best film ever made, followed by ninety six other male dominated films, and three with prominent female characters. With most film magazines having many more male reviewers than female; I wanted to see what would happen if the tables were turned and women (or people who identify as having a non-binary gender) were the ones writing the reviews and responding to the polls.